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How to use social media to promote your event

Posted: 20th August, 2019

Social media is a powerful tool when promoting your upcoming event and it can really help you to reach a bigger audience and ultimately get more people to come to your event.   Set up an event First of all, you need to set up an event on Facebook. You can connect the event directly […]

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How to get speaking opportunities

Posted: 17th January, 2019

Have you ever fancied speaking at an event, but have no idea how to go about it? This blog post shares with you how to get speaking opportunities. Event speakers enjoy instant credibility, not just with the attendees, but with other speakers, and anyone who sees you mentioned on the sales page. After all, only […]

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Why you should consider sponsoring an event

Posted: 23rd November, 2018

Do you attend events regularly? If so have you ever considered sponsoring an event, in this blog we will share with you why you should and some tips on maximizing you investment Want to get your brand in front of all the attendees at an event? Sponsorships are the way to go. Everything from a […]

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The SECC Website Gets a Facelift

Posted: 13th August, 2017

Shropshire Conference Centre Logo Laptop

It’s been 3 and a half years since we last redesigned our website and it was time for another facelift. Our updated site has a modern design and works well on mobiles and tablets as well as desktop computers. We have reorganised information https://www.mintdentalcentre.com/valium-diazepam-tablets/ to make it easy to find what you need. If you […]

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How To Pick A Speaker for Your Networking Event

Posted: 30th June, 2017

Event Microphone

Finding The Right Speaker for Your Business or Charity Event Speakers are the main attraction at any event. They’re central to bringing the day or several-day session together and can contribute massively to the content of your marketing materials. Choosing the right speaker for your business or charity event can be a real challenge, as […]

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