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Blog / News – Posted: 20th August, 2019

How to use social media to promote your event

Social media is a powerful tool when promoting your upcoming event and it can really help you to reach a bigger audience and ultimately get more people to come to your event.


Set up an event

First of all, you need to set up an event on Facebook. You can connect the event directly to your business page by clicking “Create Event” within your business page. You will need to include the date and time of your event, as well as all the information attendees will need to know and then the link to either sign up or purchase tickets. There is also option to promote your event directly on Facebook to reach a more targeted audience.


Change cover photo

You can change your cover photo on Facebook and Twitter with details of your event. This is great to promote your event as it is the first thing people will see when they visit your page.


Create posts explaining benefits

Schedule some posts into your content plan to explain what the event is and why people should go. This is a more sales related post so try to limit this to one or two a week.


Share event in relevant groups

Once you have set up your event on Facebook, you can share it directly into relevant groups. You can find groups by typing key words into the search bar. This is a good way of reaching a more targeted audience as people in the relevant groups will already have an interest in your chosen industry.


Countdown posts

Counting down to your event via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great way to build up excitement for your event. You can also use tools on Instagram stories which count down the days, hours and minutes.


Venue Promotion

It may be worth asking your venue to also promote your event via social media which will help you to reach another audience who may have been to events at the venue before.


Behind the Scenes – Setting up

Instagram and Facebook stories are a great way to show people behind the scenes, if you are working on set up for your event, make sure you document it on your social media channels as this is interesting for people to see.


User Generated Content – encourage people to tag when purchased ticket

Encourage people to share when they have purchased a ticket by either providing social links on your website sign up or by giving an incentive such as a prize draw at the event for those who post about it. This helps to reach more people and spread awareness of the event, as well as building excitement.



If you have specific speakers at your event, ask them to promote the event on their social media channels which will help to reach their own audiences. You can also provide them with a discounted ticket link as an incentive to their audience to come to the event.


We do hope these tips have been helpful when thinking of ways to promote your next event! Remember to start the process as soon as possible to give people enough time to see your posts https://www.donnaockenden.com/metformin-glycomet-online/ and sign up to the event.